About The Foreign Challenge

Who we are?

We are two brothers originally from small East- European country called Estonia. Been born in a small town not far from Russia everything was kind of black and white. People we knew and places we been were just the same. At that time, travelling foreign lands was something people did not speak about that often. There was a great part of desire to get away from the old and explore the world by experiencing it.

Perhaps it was the need for adventure which life was lacking of so we decided to do everything ´´ Differently´´ or ´´Our way´´. Since we left ordinary life, last 5 years has been amazing and at the same time life changing. Traveled in 26 countries mostly in Asia and South America and seen all New 7 World Wonders around the world. Done solo skydives, bungee jumps and trekked mount Everest Base Camp and much more! That said we had come to the point where we felt its time to take everything into a whole new level.


Worlds highest commercial bungee jump 233m at China, Macau

We had decided to focus our adventures on places where no tourist goes. To make it happen we will ride vehicles across the globe. Ride and Drive them long distances at foreign countries. That kind of style will give us total freedom over our planet. For us being in danger is exactly were we are heading to since while safety zone is left behind the adventure can really begin!

On 2014 we started The Foreign Challenge video blog to share our adventures. We are really glad that You are being interested by reading our About page. Please join with us on our journey as we share entertaining adventures across the globe.


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