As we arrived to Gujarat we set our focus on a white desert known as The Great Rann of Kutch. It is the biggest salt desert in the world just between India and Pakistan. Little we knew that it will be hard as hell to get rubber touch that salt. Having numerous desperate attempts with Indian border protection (BSF) we had only one option left. To do it illegally we had to sneak through bush into the desert. Unfortunately our already desperate attempt turned into a nightmare while we were in a desert with 2 flat tires! As the day was going by and getting darker we had to find someone to help us out. So we left auto rickshaw in a desert in a search of help! Check it out the Desperate attempts as the title suggest:

Check out our desperate attempts to sneak through border protection into no-mans land! Task not so easy especially with a auto rickshaw!

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    1. Hello Jeremy! Thanks for your comment. For sure it is still something to think about. Not really sure if we would go back from Indian side, perhaps try Pakistan side next time. At the moment no serious plans about The Great Rann of Kutch. Though we had a great experience getting in trouble over there.

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