Auto Rickshaw Challenge

What is Auto Rickshaw Challenge all about? Check it out!

What is exactly Auto Rickshaw Challenge?

It is Time to introduce our first foreign challenge: Indian auto rickshaw challenge. India is second most populated country in the world with total population of 1.25 billion yet being just 7th biggest country by land. With world population of 7 billion that makes every seventh person in the world Indian. It is a massive subcontinent with a long and rich history mixed with different religions. Birth place of oldest religion Hinduism which is followed by 80% of Indian population. We are about to take a different look at the country by seeing whole lot of it. By that i mean we will head dive into unknown world places where no tourist go. To make it happen we are about to make it in a most traditional way or perhaps Indian way.

Auto rickshaw challenge

Auto rickshaw challenge

We will travel to Guwahati at Assam state which is situated well north-east of Indian subcontinent. So what we are about to do in the middle of nowhere? To get ready for lifetime adventure on auto rickshaw. Exactly we are about to seek out auto rickshaws and buy one of them. For those who do not know what is auto rickshaw: Auto rickshaw also known as Tuktuk is three wheeled vehicle which is mostly used as a taxi most parts of Asia. Equipped with single cylinder engine displacement of average 200 cc. There is absolutely no luxury in it. It is nothing more than just a short distance passenger carrier at its best.

Independent Attempt All Around India

But we are about to change that myth also by pushing that lawnmower to its limits. Next 3 months we plan to go thru 10 Indian states. With starting point at Guwahati Assam and destination of Armitsar Punjab Harmandir Sahib Golden Temples. We will not going straight to one to the other but making checkpoints at Kolkata, Chennai, Mangalore, Agra and Amritsar. That means it will be a long loop around India with aiming total distance about 7000 to 8000km.

India has road network over 4,689,842 kilometers. Auto rickshaws average speed is about 50 km/h yet that depends greatly on road conditions. Every our move must be well calculated since distances are massive. Due to low speed of auto rickshaws we are not allowed on some of the highways which makes everything even more complicated. While relying on secondary roads we are not using any GPS. We will navigate through India by using very basic navigational instruments : compass and a map. Have to mention that that trip has nothing to do with commercial travel.

Indian Challenge Map

Indian Challenge Map

Certainly there will be no guarantees about our security nor safety. We will stand against the odds that we will face during our road trip. Distance is long and traffic will be even more lethal. India is number one country with most total traffic accidents and deaths. Statistics are frightening with annual 135 000 traffic collision related deaths. To be really honest even now when we are about to get going there are still lot of question unanswered. Yet we leave those questions to be explored. Truth is that after that trip we will have our answers. And that is why we call all this a Indian Auto Rickshaw Challenge!

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