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Here you can find photos of our adventure around India!

People and Culture

Vast country by land nearly 3 million square kilometers. India has a long history and traditions which are till being respected. With 1.25 billion people India makes second most populous country on earth after China. So much to offer in every means. Home to a oldest religions Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and also a strong influence from Islam and Buddhism.
Massive country , mixed religions and cultures gave us a indefinite reasons to make an Indian Gallery which could give a best overview to our viewers.
Here it is >

Auto Rickshaw

Auto rickshaw with beautiful blue black and white colors which represents our Estonian national flag. The process getting that auto rickshaw was one of the hardest part of our journey. Yet we did it! In fact, having auto rickshaw gave us a total freedom over Indian Subcontinent.
Please have a look at our Indian Gallery Auto Rickshaw section >


India is alive! From green grasslands to massive waterfalls India has a lot to offer. On our way we encountered different terrains which were boosted with greenery from past monsoon rains. Indian nature has to be experience along with its culture to really get in a feeling.
Here it is Indian Gallery Nature section >

Indian Traffic

With 4.5 million kilometers of roads India is the second nation with longest road map just after United States. Indian roads vary in big from newly built express highways to dirt tracks which would even challenge four wheel drives. Unfortunately India is being mentioned as one of the most dangerous countries to drive. Indeed, the harsh reality is that every year approximately 125 000 people loose their life in a traffic related collison. From our experience the fact speaks itself.
Please have a look at the gallery which is half way full of accidents on our way. Indian Gallery Traffic section >


The amazing Taj Mahal! One of the seventh New World Wonders indeed is worth of the site. Yet Taj Mahal is only a fraction what Indian architecture has to offer. Long history and religions have left still active temples whole over sub continent. It is always better the visit a live historic temple with old traditions still involved than old stone monuments. That is why India is our personal favorite sightseeing country.
Take a look at Indian Gallery Sightseeing section >

We always try our best to make Your visit more entertaining and interesting. Thank you for your interest in our galleries!


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