Madagascar Challenge

It has been nearly long two years since our last adventure. Now it time to introduce our next challenge!

This year I will be heading to the most unique land of mother nature. A land of which 90% of its wildlife are not to be found anywhere else in the world. The homeland of more than hundred species of lemurs. It is part of African continent in the Indian Ocean and is located in the coast of southeast Africa. What else could it be than Madagascar Challenge!


Few facts about Madagascar:
* Population of 22 Million
* 4th biggest Island in the world
* By GDP 6th poorest country in the world
* Nearly 70% of people live below poverty line which is about less than 1 USD a day
* Madagascar used to be French colony
* Official languages are malagasy and french

The Challenge

I will be heading to Madagascar on 4th of December 2016 til 8th of January 2017. Unfortunately this time my brother Tanar wont take part of Madagascar Challenge so i will rely only on myself. Attempt will be done solo without any support from any third parties.

Madagascar has about 50 000 km of roads from which only 20% of them are sealed. To appreciate just how limited this road network is, consider that it is just over just over 1% of the size of the UK’s, despite Madagascar being a considerably larger country.

Within 34 days I will be covering approximately distance of 5000 km in parts of Central and Southern Madagascar. Due to terrible road conditions even short distances will drag into long painful days. Upcoming rainy season will only make things even more worse. Many roads will turn into mud tracks or even impassable due to floods. Though the biggest risk would be cyclones which will hit the island for next 3 months.

The Plan

Like usually I have divided map into checkpoints based on their location on the map as follows:
* Antananarivo
* Avenue of the Baobabs
* Toliara
* Faux Cap
* Port Dauphin
* Pic Boby Mountain


… and back to Antananarivo. Everything between checkpoints are to be explored with great excitement. Plus many more places which will be hidden in the rain forests of Madagascar.

There is still one question remaining. What will be used to cover whole distance? Perhaps the only vehicle which would be worthy of Madagascar roads would be hard core dirt bike!

dirt bike

In a search for a dirt bike i will start my journey at countries capital Antananarivo. Even now I am still unclear how i will get dirt bike and how to get legally on a road. Information sources given right now are insufficient to make any decisions before hand. Though there are some rental companies which are dealing with bike rentals and perhaps even sales. Everything will be found out once aboard.

Until the attempt i would like to share a quote from Serge Omelayenko. He had taken similar route few years before which only very few would ever take!

“Imaging yourself standing on a 20 meter high cliff, the only way to a blue lagoon paradise of experience is taking that leap, not sure what awaits ahead or is it worth it, not sure how deep the water is, you just need to believe it is deep enough. One thing is for sure, no-one can take away the memories and satisfaction of success when you do take that step and jump!”

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