Our earth is on its journey from approx 4.5 billion years and who knows when it has reached its final destination. Right now we are witnessing its progress and perhaps not even realizing that all of us sharing the same story – we are part of it. Everything has its own unique role of a the course of earths story. Even if our lives are just a split second we still possess the power to make a change in our lives and people around us.
In western world we take it for granted to have access to clean water, food and education. These are the essential basics which allow us to create the future what we desire.

Malagasy are one of the poorest people on earth, more than 70 percent of them are living less than a dollar a day. Nearly half of Madagascar’s children under five years of age are malnourished.

Children leaving school just to stay alive is increasing problem in Madagascar. An estimated two million children are working instead of receiving education. Child labor is illegal in Madagascar but biting poverty makes it a survival necessity.

Sometimes little support and knowldege to show the way to people in need is all what is needed in order to give them the opportunity what everyone deserves to create their own better future.

The Foreign Challenge takes video blogging to the next level by raising awareness of challenges what ordinary malagasy face today and how can we all come together to extend our helping hand to make a difference in lives of malagasy children in need.

On 4th of December 2016 we will take unsupported motorcycle ride around Madagascar. Within 34 days we will cover approx. 5000km in parts us Western and Southern Madagascar. We will deliver Madagascar as pure as it can get by visiting some of the most rural areas of the island!

We have set up a fund raising link for the charity organisation called “Money for Madagascar”.
MfM is a charity organisation which helps and supports many destitute children, vulnerable women and girls, young people with disabilities, families escaping poverty and communities in ecological hotspots.

Give the children the chance to shape their own future ,sometimes money can become an obstacle on that journey and this is where we as human race can collectivly make a big difference by joining our efforts to make it happen. Children are the future ,and now is the time to make a difference in their lives ,not tomorrow.

Your contrabution ,no matter how big or small may help thousands of street children to have the education what they need to shape a better future for themselves, so let’s put a smile on those childrens faces!