Our Tuk Tuk Challenge finally completed! We had beaten all the Indian madness to loop Indian Sub Continent by a Tuk Tuk! Last 3 months every day and night we were pushing our limits which had finally taken us closer to our goal! Here it is more than 15 000 km distance covered between our starting point to our destination!

After failing to enter salt desert at Gujarat we went to check out sandy dunes at Rajastan. As we covered Rajastan from South to North it was time to break into inner land to get our eyes on most famous of sites: Taj Mahal!

To make our epic journey to an end we had to reach Sikhs holy city of Amritsar! On 25. of february 2015 we were standing from of the Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib! Hard to even believe but at that moment we had completed our Tuk Tuk Challenge!

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